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Hearts of Laughter

I create handmade crochet items that are unique and quirky. I create all my own patterns, finding inspiration from things my friend, family, and kids would like.  My products all have elements of reusing and up-cycling which also feeds my creativity.  From toys to home decorations, I bring a taste of whimsy and fun to yarn.

As someone who struggles with chronic pain, I keep my hands busy to distract from the discomfort.  This means I am rarely without some kind of project or other, busily creating my next visualized creation. I look at my creative process as taking something difficult, such as chronic pain, and turning it into something beautiful; beauty for ashes as it were. This hobby grew into a business as I found my designs are enjoyed by others. It is a delight to see people find joy in the things that I make as their excitement and wonder are priceless. It feeds my artistry and validates my sense of humor.

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Crystal Blodgett

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