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Wax on Wax Off Creations

I grew up in Canada and was a high school/ middle school teacher. My first teaching job was in a small town in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. Many people in the town were of Ukrainian heritage and at Easter, would share the tradition of making pysanky or Ukrainian Easter Eggs. I learned how to decorate these eggs then. 

The eggs are made by writing melted beeswax onto an egg using a kistka (stylus). Then you dip the egg in dye.  The wax will resist the dye. Each time you add a color, you add wax over the color to protect it. Once you have finished with the dyes, you melt all the wax off. 

I have been making these eggs for about 5.5 years making designs that range from the traditional to contemporary designs. 

I enjoy trying new things as well as showing others how to make these eggs. 

Chris Spencer

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